Friday, February 15, 2013

Save da Date

You know what's great about getting married? All the crafts that you suddenly have a reason to do. I had a lot of fun making our Save the Dates and I gotta say, I think they turned out mighty nice.

Pretty snazzy, huh?

Here's how this all went down.

Step 1. Lots of Googling and Etsying . I collected a bunch of inspiration in my awesome Outline App then showed Fiance for his opinions (Remember? I really hate making decisions by myself...)

Our favorite was the bookmark Save the Date. Maybe it's the gray sky background - I just love this one. Then of course the buck and doe tokens. Awesome.

Step 2. Learn how to make things look old in Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator used to be scary but then I learned that whenever you need to do something new, all ya gotta do is Google it. I literally Googled "Make stuff look old in AI" - this is what I got:


Step 3: Find a picture taker. Luckily we have a friend with some serious photo snappin' skills. So we bribed him with a bottle of wine.

Step 4: Create Save the Date, then show Fiance for approval. Fiance notices that the word "and" is off-center by two millimeters.

Step 5: Revise. Show to Fiance for approval. Fiance notices third line is .023 pixels thinner than the first two lines.

Step 6: Revise. Show to Fiance for approval. Fiance notices 23 other tiny things that only robots can see.

Step 7: Revise. Choose NOT to show to Fiance this time around.

Step 8: find a printer. I <3 A&A  printing.


Step 9: Send 'em off!


My favorite part is the little "Jaydee & Dani" seal. In fact, I thought that seal was so dang cool I got it made into a rubber stamp! I know, I know... maybe that was a bit overboard. But the thing is, if I didn't get a stamp I probably would've squandered the $13 it cost me on something way less cool. So there we go.

I used I just uploaded a JPEG copy of the seal, paid $10 plus shipping, waited about a week, and viola! I've already used this fancy doodad for two more projects. 1) Bridesmaid request poem stationary and 2) Thank you note (more to come on this exploit later).

I plan to make many more stamps in the future. This is genius.

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