Monday, February 25, 2013

Permits and Hermits

I've got great news.

We finally got building permits!! Holla!

We decided we ought to celebrate so we had a little shindig on Saturday night. A couple good friends came over and we had elk carne asada, stuffed poblanos and margaritas.  And margaritas. Oh we also had some margaritas.

That being said, we didn't do any house projects or wedding planning this weekend. Zip. Instead, we spent Saturday scrubbing 16202 from top to bottom and making food for our friends. Then on Sunday, Jaydee nursed his cold while I nursed a shame hangover. The headache and grumbly belly don't bother me... it's the memories of my Circle of Life Sing-Along that plague me the morning after. Bruce and Trent partied a bit too hard too.

So we were hermits all day yesterday. We cozy-ed up on the couch and nearly polished off the entire season of House of Cards. Highly recommend it.

I promise I'll get back to more interesting posts just as soon as the Lion King theme stops haunting me.

Ay! Tatimetchiway tada hee tada ho wen e oooo...."

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  1. What are our learnings from the night of many margs? Jeff's got a bit of a heavy hand when it comes to the tequila & he's not too smart when it comes to the booze - he declared on the ride home that he didn't think Cointreau was alcoholic... so I have to say both I'm sorry & you're welcome :)