Saturday, March 15, 2014


You know those times when you accidentally wake up too early and you find your self in that predicament of trying to decide what to do with your surprise extra time... make cookies or blog post? Well, I'm not one for decisions or compromise, so here's my plan: crappy blog post and drop cookies (I don't even have a shamrock cookie cutter so the roll-out cookies I was dreaming up would've involved some serious leg work including metalworking). Look alive people, we gotta make this quick!

So this one is about re-tiling the guest bathroom. We had a couple tiles left over from the addition so Jaydee decided that, in order to practice his tiling skills, he should start by re-doing the floor in the little bathroom rather than diving right into the kitchen/dining area/laundry room/ half-bath project. I suppose I can understand. And, while the guest bathroom wasn't terrible looking, it was in need of a bit-o-do-up.

Don't worry, we kept the aqua counter tops.

Just kidding.  This isn't our bathroom. This bathroom is gross. Our problems were limited to crappy linoleum floor, a vanity that should probably be replaced, a real ugly shower insert and a flaky blogger who forgot to take before pictures. 

The first step to the bathroom project was tearing out the old floor. Jaydee pulled out the vanity, toilet, linoleum and old backer board all by his lonesome.

It was very impressive and by the end of it, Jaydee looked like he was about to die. I remember catching that moment on camera - the picture was priceless... however, Jaydee recently "re-organized" our picture files and somehow that gem disappeared. No worries though, I recreated here.  I found it! But just for giggles let's compare:

I see now that I exaggerated the length of his hair.  

While Jaydee recovered me and the dogs played in the empty bathroom. 

Next came some very tedious leveling then lots of nail gunning then tile. To lay the tile we had to use mortar of course and Jaydee and I have taken to referring to the substance as MORDOR!

Which, unfortunately,  is very scary to Bruce.

When we were done torturing the animal, Jaydee began the cutting and sticking. His tile saw skillz are getting serious.

Crossed leg, relaxed pose - he was real proud of himself.

Jaydee finished the tiling, added grout, I painted, spent way too long shopping amazon for hooks and such, Jaydee installed, trent inspected. We was done.

Guess if there's still time to make cookies?

Nope. Instead I used all my time drawing pictures of my husband, stopping every few lines to giggle at my handy work. Uh huh. Yeah. So no cookies today.

... did I have time? HA! There's always time for cookies.