Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sonia Approves

Well, the cat's out of the bag. Fiance and I are getting married. The invitations have been sent, it is now oh-fish-al.

The invitation. Geez. After approximately 62 hours, 150 envelopes and 200 sticky-booger-thingies we are finished with those dang invites. They are currently in some poor mail man's mail bag (they're quite heavy, you see) making their way around the country to the neatly (if I don't say so meeself) hand written addresses posted on the aaaalllllmoooostt too small envelopes.

The invitation process was a lot like the STD process.

Step 1: Research:

Notice I said "simple" a few times? HA!

Step 2: Adobe - create versions 1-324,242

The most difficult part of the invitation process was figuring out how to say who was inviting who. I didn't even consider the fact that it was my dear 'ol pa who was doing the inviting since the wedding is on him. Luckily a friend pointed out the err of my ways while looking at an early draft and we got that little problem fixed right up.

Step 3: Settle on final versions and promise myself to stop thinking of new ideas

Step 4: Send em off to print. **Don't ask any question lest you come up with a new idea just before you drop off the files

Step 5: pick up box of beautifully shrink wrapped invitation pieces. Gaze at your handy work with nostalgia for the long nights spent with Mac and Wacom.

Step 6: Search for envelopes that are big enough. Try online. Try two stores. Get a speeding ticket. Try a third store. Then a fourth store. Drive home with envelopes in tow and spirit in slight distress.

Step 7:  I really don't want to talk about this one.

Ok fine.

I'll talk about it.

Calligraphy. Write 50 addresses. Throw away fifty envelopes. Write 24 addresses. Throw away 24 envelopes. Write 15 addresses. Throw away 15 envelopes.

Repeat step 6.


Step 8: Watch approximately 4 Discovery Channel's North America episodes while assembling invitations. Beg fiance for assistance. Watch as fiance sticks return address label to 12 envelopes and then quickly becomes exhausted. Complete assembly on one's own.

Step 9: Get rid of the bastards. Drop em in the mail box and walk away. Just walk away.

As you can probably see, then invitation process got a little.... shall we say, trying? But alas, it was all worth it because Grandma Sonia approves:

Please note English is not Grandma Sonia's first language.