Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Asking for Bridesmaids

So far, the best part about planning a wedding was asking my six best friends to be bridesmaids. I really love my friends so I wanted to do something a wee bit special. Like have an airplane fly by with a banner and then exactly 30 seconds later have a singing quartet approach their front doors and serenade each of them with a unique song. But it turns out that was a bit tough to coordinate. So instead... I just sent them a box with some crap in it.

Allow to me to explain.
  • Some fabric swatches to help guide the dress pickin'
  • A horse shoe, because let's face it, I'm pretty damn lucky. I gotta share this wealth. 
  • A fancy box of celebration matches to ::eh um:: celebrate a great match.
  • Calendar strip with a big fat circle around 09-14-2013
  • A personalized poem on hand made Dani-and-Jaydee-Are-Gettin'-Hitched stationary
Fabric sample shopping was intense. I accidentally stumbled upon the best fabric shop in the universe. Shelves and shelves and shelves of fabric, piles on the floor, baskets brimming with remnants... fabric EVERYWHERE. It was great. I spent about two hours in the little shop, carefully examining each and every ream to pick the best greenish, yellowish, brownish, off-whiteish, maybe a little orangish fabric samples I could find.

 In retrospect, I maybe should have picked my wedding colors before going to the store. All the same, It was fantastic. I can't wait for reason to have to go back to that place. 

I finally made it home to show Fiance my booty (People, people! I mean the treasure booty. Geez...) He wasn't as excited as me. He looked at each carefully chosen square, one at a time. Then he sighs and says, "There's no way your bridesmaids are going to find one dress with all of these patterns and colors on it. I'm sorry." After a quick explanation about inspiration swatches and approximate matching, his mind was eased a bit. He leafed through the samples again, carefully dividing them into three piles, then walked away. 

I took his advice into consideration. Kind of. Here's what I settled on:

Writing poems for each bridesmaid was a bit too bold of an endeavor. I wrote my sister's poem first and it was pretty fantastic. Then I wrote the Maid of Honor's. It was also quite nice. Then I wrote another and it was a bit lame. Then the fourth one was real lame. The fifth... eesh. The sixth one? Well, the sixth one was a joke and included an footnote apology for being such a stinking terrible poem. Sorry, Hannah. :( Six poems was too many poems. 

Poem for Sister 
(If it doesn't make sense, let's call it an inside joke. Cool? Cool.)

I've said it before and I’ll say it again
I was real lucky when given my kin. 
I would've picked you right, straight from the lot
I feel like I hit the sister jack pot

It wasn't all daisies - this path to best chums
We fell short a few times – smack on our bums
There were hiccups, bruises and one black eye…
But we've reached the dream – the pie in the sky

You may scratch your head and say “nah, no chance…”
You can doubt all you want - call it romance
“Sisters that are best friends? Imagine that!”
Well, we've done it, made it, that’s right where we’re at!

Not many sisters can claim a BFF status
We've taken the time – built a pal lattice.
Long days at the office – work never quits
Honing our puns, sharpening our wits.

We have quite a bit of fun, me and you –
Looking back at all the things we've been through
The “Amarillo, Rojo, Negro!” bro
Blowing a tire in New Mexico…

I think of all the late nights and long chats,
Conversation rains down like dogs and cats
Hoo-ing and Ha-ing, rolling on the floor
Laughing at Special Ed and mama Heorhe

I can spill my guts, tell you all my crimes
Be a big baby, send you stupid rhymes
You don’t even flinch, take it all in stride
Dang, you’re a big sister exemplified!

So all this been said, it must be quite clear,
Sister my friend, I hold you very dear.
I’m hoping that you will stand by my side
On the one chance I’ll get to play the bride.

So, Mosquito, will you be my bridesmaid?
“Sister, please say yes!” Dani loudly bade.  
Could you, would you do me this boon?
Say yes and I would be over the moon!

 I have to say, I think the boxes turned out quite nice. All six girls readily agreed to be the BMs (hee hee hee)  so I'd say the project was a success!

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