Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Allow me to introduce 16202

Remember the picture of 16202 from this post?

Of course you do because that was only two posts ago. Well, this is 16202 back in it's heyday. Now let's take a look at 16202 circa 2013...

Can you spot the 231 changes in the pictures? 

You may notice that the deck rails were updated with some shabby chic caution tape. Or perhaps you'll notice the addition of chimney accouterments. As you can see, The Pack and I met 16202 a bit after it's glamour shots were taken in 1970 something. But we love 16202 all the same. It's our first house and it's all been very very exciting. 

We got a smokin' deal on this house since we're first time home buyers. It was built in the '60's, has three small bedrooms, one office and a great big backyard. Bruce and Trent are totally diggin' it.

We were able to include a huge chunk of renovation costs in the mortgage so we've got some funds piled up and we're ready to roll up our sleeves and give 16202 a face lift.

Here's the big plan. Are you ready? Ok, here we go:

Other outside updates:
  • Clear out blackberry bushes (they're so mean!)
  • Plant trees along fence so that the people living in the condos aren't quite so tempted to throw stuff in our yard any more
  • De-moss the whole outside
  • Find some way to make the bottom of the house meet the yard (how does one do that?)
That's the outside plans. Inside plans are as follows:
  • Refinish hardwood floors
  • Fix electric (apparently the grounded plugs aren't actually grounded right now)
  • Re-do kitchen (well, re-do kitchen as much as monetary restrictions allow)
    • Counter tops - out with the pealing linoleum in with the something else
    • Replace rotted cabinet parts with non-rotted cabinet parts
    • Refinish cabinets
    • Back splash - something snazzy like rock... maybe tile. We'll see. 
    • Floor. Maybe. Maybe not. 
  • Repaint (so long, sea foam green)

  • Drywall the garage
  • Something to do with bunnies and ducks (I'll have to ask fiance on this one)
  • Do something to the giant, gray, brick wall in the middle of the house
This is Fiance removing the protruding death bricks (why would someone put a brick shelf right at forehead height?) We had this great idea that natural brick would be awesome. Well, we've tried sand blasting, chemical stripping and  heat gun pealing. That gray won't budge. 
  • Fix the thermostat
  • Hang blinds
  • Furnish (we are getting a little tired of sharing the office chair while we watch TV)
  • Decorate
So, just a couple of little fixes here and there... 

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