Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blinded by the light

... Revved up like deuce another runner in the night...  Now you'll have some Manfred Mann to run through your head all day. You're welcome.

Anywho, as I was saying... Blinded by the light. We finally put blinds up at 16202. It's a bit sad that the neighbors won't be able to watch TV with us in the evenings any more, but I trust they'll get over it.

Buying blinds was a huge deal (who knew?!). First off - those bad boys are expensive! Then, there's all these options... horizontal, vertical, roman, cellular, vinyl, natural, see-through, edible...  Luckily, I work for a great big company that also owns a "Window Fashion" company (really... window fashion?). We were able to score blinds for the whole already-built part of the house for 60% off retail. Can I get a yee haw? We also saved a couple of hundred dollars by going with composite blinds instead of the natural wood. Composite was key. The Faux Wood blinds look awfaux (hee hee hee) and the Natural Wood Blinds are very expensive and aren't ideal for the dewy NW.

After settling on a style - horizontal, composite, wood blinds with rope pulls on the left - we set to measuring. You'll be glad to hear we followed the old rule Measure twice, cut once. I went through the house and carefully measured each window. Then Jaydee went back through and re-measured each one (just so you know, the numbers were the same - it's not my first rodeo with a tape measure).  We placed the order and then two weeks later we came home to this:

Poor UPS man - he was probably blind-sided by this whoppin' delivery.

We got out the utility knives and got to unpacking. You like our nice, tidy living room? We figure we better use this time to get the messy out of our systems.

We were pretty excited to get this project done. Looking out at our caution tape deck was getting a bit old and we kept forgetting that it wasn't okay to walk around in our skivvies, so we got to work right away. A few short hours, one melt-down (Jaydee stepped on top of the bed with his nasty toe-shoes on after having just come back from a run so I threw a little temper tantrum and made him take a shower break), and five windows later we had blinds! Woo hoo!

What you see here is Fiance experiencing the post-blind installation lull. It happens to the best of us. 

16202 already looks 23 times more homey. We added a couple of dead heads to make it feel even more like home. Nothing says "relax" like a goat on the wall.

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  1. After this post, of course, that song was in my head. And like a lot of sings from my childhood, I have no idea of the lyrics. I just remember bits and pieces and a catchy tune, and what "I think" the words are. So being curious, I looked up the lyrics. ???!!! I think the band was smoking something when they wrote those lyrics!

    Great job on your remodeling projects! Can't wait to see you in September!