Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Taking Decorating Skillz for Granite

It's detail time. Jaydee and I thought picking out the pretty things was gonna be a breeze. We thought, "We can do whateeeevvvveeerrrr we want. We've both got great taste! This will be cake!". We were wrong. I turns out we both have really terrible taste and neither of us care a whole lot for this "matching" trend we've been hearing so much about.

We walked into the rock shop and started looking for counters. My eyes were immediately drawn to this gem.  

OOOOOOHHHH, I thought. This looks like the jungle! I took a second to imagine my bathroom as a jungle then hefted the slab of granite over to fiance to ask his opinion. He loved it. Then we said stuff like, "Yeeeahhh it seems really, like, adventurous. Yeah, kind of like a dinosaur..."
"YES. It's like a dinosaur. It'll be so zen and outdoorsy. Like being outsides while we're inside."

We were feeling really proud of our quick decision so we continued through the store with a new pep in our step picking out tiles and shower accents that we thought would look just stellar with the granite we had picked out. Here's what we came up with:

Fortunately for 16202, I have a life coach named Sister, and I decided to share some pictures with her before we committed.  She said, "I thought that was a picture of a tree.... A little busy." What she really meant to say was, "Dani. This is hideous. You can't just pick jungle pictures to plaster all over a bathroom.... especially if you also want rocks in your bath tub. The answer is no. Try again and this time, try not to be such a goon."

Phew close call. A quick Google search on "rainforest granite in the bathroom" after sister's warnings yielded troubling results:

Oops. My bad. We sadly replaced all of the unique bathroom pieces we had collected and started again. This time with tempered spirit. Finally, after some very tense moments (including one when Jaydee's foot itched so terribly bad from frustration that he had to, literally,  drop everything he was holding, sit on the ground, remove his shoe and scratch his foot (This really happened.)). Alas, we arrived at what we thought was good compromise between jungle bathroom and boring hotel bathroom.

Once again, we were pretty sure we nailed it. Luckily, the woman at the rock shop wasn't afraid to speak her mind. "Gold? You're going to go with gold counter-tops?" Another quick Google search:

Eek. No Gold. This time Jaydee got real smart and asked the nice lady "What color would you pick?" Genius. She suggested something a little less... shall we say... rich. We settled on a nice white-grayish number with the exciting word "fossil" in the name.

And so, my friends, there you have it. Ze batroom: 

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