Friday, April 12, 2013

De Walls are Gone

My favorite thing about this whole renovation thing is that I have no clue what's going on. I just live at 16202 and things happen. It's great. Who doesn't love surprises? I came home to a couple of good ones today...

Surprise #1: ugly blankets on the floor

Surprise #2:Ugly blankets on the floor lead to wall missing at the end of the hall way

 Surprise #3: Many walls are missing!


The gun and craft room is now in the process of becoming a smaller gun and craft room and the hall closet is a goner. We are a couple steps closer to a bedroom with a door and an attached bathroom. Yeehaw! Here's where we're headed... 

Pretty big surprises, huh? Well we're not done yet. 

Surprise #4: Jaydee decided to launch an impromptu, backyard excavation project!

Why you ask? Well, because this offensive black box was too far out into the yard. So, he started to dig it out to move it then, naturally, he got curious. What do these pipes REALLY look like under here? Are they grey the WHOLE way? Sooo he decided to just go on ahead and dig up whole the gosh dern thing.

This guy doesn't do things half way. Fortunately, Jaydee had help with this last minute project. Trent oversaw the entire thing.

These last couple surprises blew mind. Who could expect this?...

Surprise #5: BEAN SPROUT!



Surprise #7: THYME SPROUTS!

 Surprise #8: BASIL SPROUTS!



Geez Louise!

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