Friday, October 4, 2013

We Got Married! And then Robbed.

Great news! We got married! Wahoo, yippee, yeehaw, etc. We also got robbed. That makes for a funnier story, so let's go ahead and talk about that one first (don't worry, I would not pass up a chance to post wedding pics, so I'll come back to that whole wedding thing. I promise).

It was bright, sunny September 16th afternoon when Jaydee and I pulled into our driveway after an awesome, very long weekend of wedding and a 13 hour car ride from Jackson Hole. As you can imagine we were quite sleepy and relieved by the time Jaydee put 'er in park and pressed the garage door opener.

We started to make our way in the house when Jaydee starts to point out the errs of my lock-up procedure (you see he left for Wyoming two weeks before me so it was up to me to close up and secure the den before I left). "Dani, you left the lights on?..." He takes a few steps in towards the house, "Ugh the door to the house is opened too.... God, Dani why did you pull out all the sleeping bags and throw them on the stairs?!" At which point I started to perk up. I really could not remember throwing the sleeping bags on the stairs ... that doesn't really seem like something I would normally do. I quickened my pace to come take a look at the damage I had apparently done. Then I got real confused....

All of my jeans were sitting in a neat pile at the top of the stairs. Why did I take my jeans out of the closet? And why the heck did I put them at the top of the stairs?! As I peaked in the office and noticed that all three of our computers were missing I started to reconsider that this was indeed my fault. "Um Jaydee, did we get robbed?" Jaydee followed me into the office and had a look around himself. "Uh yeah. I think we did."

I'm not the brightest cookie in the box so I still wasn't 100% sure of what we just figured out. "Wait. Is this a joke? Did you do this?" asked Dani.
"Dani. I was gone two weeks before you. I did not do this."answered Jaydee.
"Did Toby?"said Dani.
"No. Toby did not." answered Jaydee.
"Is this for real?" said Dani.
"Yes. This is for real"answered Jaydee.
"They took my work mouse." said Dani sadly.
"Dani, they took your work computer. And it looks like your work blackberry. Oh, but they did leave your sticky notes!" replied Jaydee.

And so the sad discovery process continued. After making a lap around the house and inventorying what had been taken, we called the po po and then plopped down on the couch to wait for Mr. Officer Sir to arrive.

Mr. Officer Sir arrived a short two and a half hours later. "Hmm well, it looks like you've been robbed. Yeah, well I see here that someone opened this window, came into your house, and took your things." He continued to look around. "Yeah someone definitely robbed you. I'd call your insurance company. Hey, by the way, congratulations!"

After the very helpful officer left we called the insurance company. The silver lining here is that I got to listen to Jaydee say "My wife..." about 10,432 times. The insurance company was actually pretty great. I sat on the couch and pouted while  Jaydee talked to them and explained the situation, "Well my wife and I were out of town last weekend and while we were gone we got robbed. My name, Jaydee Dyess. Yes ma'am, yes ma'am, yes ma'am. Oh my wife's name... oh her name is still Dani Gunnoe... you see we were getting married last weekend. That's why we were out of tow... ah thanks. Yes, very exciting. Yeah it is unfortunate. Thank you, yep we're very happy...ish. Thanks."

In the end it all worked out just fine thanks to my very responsible husband and the very nice (and excitable) ladies at State Farm. Just about everything that was nabbed was just stuff. Ain't no thang! In fact, I gotta say... It wasn't the worst thing in the world to have to go buy a brand spankin new big, giant computer that's way too much work to steal.

This picture has nothing to do with getting robbed

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